Predictive and preventive maintenance ensures peak performance for the life of your machine. The support services that matter most from Makino.

Throughout the life of your machine, the various predictive, preventive, routine and emergency "life cycle" services offered by Makino are extremely effective in maximizing uptime and maintaining your machines' capabilities. Makino life cycle services are unmatched in the machine tool industry for their comprehensive nature and their history of providing long years of superior performance and reliability.

A Makino Machine Performance Audit is invaluable in identifying everything from deficiencies to areas of potential improvement in your machines' operations. Based on one of these audits, Makino can suggest selected services that best meet your needs. These services may include a Makino Preventive Maintenance Program, a structured schedule of proactive maintenance activities, detailed maintenance procedures and recommended service parts designed to keep your equipment operating efficiently.  Worn components that need servicing or replacement can be identified that will get your machines operating at original specs. Once standard predictive and preventive processes are identified, service is performed quickly and thoroughly so that machines are placed back into productive use.

Makino Calibration and Diagnostic services can confirm your machine's accuracy. This may include laser alignment, laser calibration or ballbar diagnostics.

Makino Production Support services provide on-site technical support to supplement existing production operations. Our experienced field service engineers will fully manage the maintenance and service requirements of your machines, leaving you free to focus on your core business operations.

Makino Retrofit Option services support machine upgrade requirements ranging from programming support to high-pressure coolant systems or probing additions.

For spindle replacement needs, Makino currently offers complete remanufactured spindles through either a Spindle Exchange Program or Customer Property Rebuild.

• Under the Spindle Exchange Program, Makino minimizes downtime by exchanging a damaged spindle (core) with a newly remanufactured spindle from existing stock.
• Under Customer Property Rebuild, Makino provides quick turnaround for repairs and rebuilds using all new OEM components, where required, so that the repaired spindles operate at the original OEM specifications. Most spindles are rebuilt in the centrally located Makino facility in Mason, Ohio, thus ensuring quick turnaround.


Makino Machine Relocation and Refurbishment services are beneficial during any sort of machine relocation. They include coordination of deinstallation from the old site and reinstallation at the new site to ensure continued effective operation after a move. Makino Machine Refurbishment provides a comprehensive list of repairs which may include: linear guide, ballscrew and axis cover replacement, spindle rebuild, component restoration, filter/lubricant change, laser check and ballbar diagnostics. Makino is able to provide all necessary resources to fully manage the refurbishment project.


Many of the services offered above can be performed on an individual basis, or various service contracts can be customized to fit your particular needs.

If your production demands require any services to be performed during off-shift or weekend hours, Makino has the flexibility to customize a program to your particular needs. The experienced Makino staff includes highly trained service technicians who are fully committed to assisting you with any other service needs in order to maximize uptime and productivity for the life of all your machines.

If you would like a quotation for any of these services, contact us:
Phone: 1-(888)-Makino4 (625-4664)





If you would like a quotation for any of these services, contact us:
Phone: 1-(888)-Makino4 (625-4664)