How many class credits will I receive with each machine I purchase?

Typically, you will receive two training credits for every new machine purchased. This may differ depending on the machine model and the sales agreement. Check with your sales representative or Makino's training department to verify your training account. Each credit entitles one person to one class of your choice. These credits can only be used for the publicly scheduled classes held at one of Makino's training facilities.

What classes are available?

We offer Maintenance, Operations and several levels of Programming and Options classes. On the training schedule, click on the class desired for course outline and detailed descriptions.

All classes are offered in two forms:
1) Standard Classes- Scheduled at a Makino facility, these class credits are issued to you with your machinery purchase and are limited to the public classes covering Maintenance, Operations and Basic Programming.
2) On-site Classes- A Makino instructor travels to your facility for individual training. Credits cannot be used for these classes. See the course outline of the desired class for the cost associated with these classes.

How can I receive class descriptions and the schedule for classes?

Training schedules and course descriptions are available online.

See the training schedule page for classes of your interest.

Who should be trained?

We recommend that all personnel who will be operating the machinery be trained. We offer a wide variety of classes to support all the disciplines surrounding your production, including maintenance, programming and operations.

When should I receive the training?

Makino's training department recommends that you have your personnel trained by the time the machine arrives in your facility. Retention of the knowledge may be an issue if the training occurs too far in advance of the machine use. You will receive manuals that can be used as reference, but our experience has shown that it's best to receive the training and then use the practical knowledge shortly thereafter. With this in mind, you may wish to stage the training of different disciplines of your operation.

Which class types are best for our situation, on site or at the Makino facility?

Though not required, Makino recommends that all classes be held at a Makino training center. This reduces the interruptions that may occur within your facility and allows students to focus more closely on the subject matter without the typical distractions of their workplace. We have machines and test stands with all the major components for our students to learn on. This eliminates interruptions to your production or damage that could occur during the "hands-on" sessions with the machinery.