Makino doesn’t just support your machines. We also support your personnel.

The Makino Die/Mold Process Technology Transfer program, the industry’s most progressive, gives your staff the full range of instruction, from basic to advanced, in the latest processes and techniques. Training courses are designed by mold makers, with highly relevant subject material and specialized learning activities that provide an environment for learning and high retention. Training staff will work with you to customize your training program so your staff learns the latest methods for machining your unique applications. This customized training, conducted either at your site or at one of our modern Technology Transfer Centers, helps your company with what really matters: slashing lead-times, improving throughput and maximizing your return on investment.

Die/Mold Process Technology Transfer is a comprehensive training program encompassing the successful transfer of machining, production processes, engineering applications, maintenance and production know-how through customer education. It is a process class designed to teach operators and programmers high-performance machining (HPM) concepts and techniques to maximize productivity and product quality. These techniques are targeted at raising machine performance and productivity to the highest possible levels. The class curriculum is designed around competency-based education concepts to provide maximum transfer and retention.

Included are machine demonstrations of techniques that provide operators and programmers with necessary knowledge and materials to make appropriate decisions related to tooling and programming part geometry. All of which supports high-performance machining applications. Makino has successfully transferred these machining solutions to hundreds of customers, giving them the tools they need—the tools that matter—to gain a newfound edge in productivity, agility, profitability and competitiveness.

This advanced level of application and process training, plus valuable add-ons like free access to Competitive Mold Maker (CMM) magazine, including online access to keeps you up to date with the latest innovations and processes. By teaching your staff to think in new ways about speeds, feeds, unattended operation and other aspects of machining, we can help you slash lead-times and maximize your return on investment.