Makino Distributor Extranet
In order to access the Makino Extranet you must now do so via a Citrix login. The link below will take you to the login page.
If you have issues, do not have or forgot your Citrix login, please contact the Makino Help Desk at 513-573-4599.

New Extranet Login page -
You can save this link in your browser favorites for future reference.

Note: If you've not used your Citrix login previously or install the Citrix Reciever software, you must complete the installation on your computer prior to login. Please follow the installation steps below.


Citrix Receiver Installation
  • Go to
    • Hover over the Download link (top menu) and select “Download Receiver” at the right of that dropdown
    • Click the Download Receiver button on the next page
    • Agree to the terms and click Continue
    • Depending on your browser you should get a prompt to Run or Save the download file. Click Run if you have that options (in IE browser) or run the download file from the location where you saved it. You might get prompted to allow the install at various points.
    • At the end you’ll get the Citrix windows asking for email account or server – cancel, close or click finish to complete the installation.
  • To access Makino Extranet
    • Open your browser and go to
    • Enter your login/password. This is normally the same as your extranet login credentials.
    • A successful login will take you to a screen similar the one shown below. Click on the Internet Explorer Icon and it should direct you to the Makino Distributor Extranet. 
      If you happen to get prompt for your login again (at the Extranet login page) please re-enter your credentials to proceed. However, let us know if that's the case ( You could also choose to save the credentials at this point to bypass the second login screen.