The single highest expense in owning a wire EDM is the cost of wire. Makino’s U-Series has been designed to reduce wire consumption rates by as much as 14 percent, without any loss in accuracy. Do you know how much your shop is spending on wire? This Makino calculator will help you determine just that.

Calculator Instructions:

Follow the easy steps below and click submit to see the current consumption cost per part on your current Wire EDM machine.

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Step 1

Step 2

Enter your Wire Speed(s)/Pass, Machining Time(s)/Pass and Wire Cost/Lb($) Below

Wire Speed(s) / Pass
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Machining Time(s) / Pass
(ex: 100.250 minutes)

What you paid for wire (per pound)

Feature Wire Speed
Machining Time
(per pass - minutes)
Consumed Wire
Inches Yards Pounds
1st Pass
2nd Pass
3rd Pass
4th Pass
5th Pass
6th Pass





 pounds / hour

What you paid for wire(per lb)
Consumption Cost / hour
Consumption Costs
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