Capital Lease / Lease Purchase

Makino Inc. offers a transaction in which the Buyer and Seller agree, at the beginning of the lease, on a fixed purchase price. At the end of the lease term, you may purchase the equipment for the prearranged price. In a Capital Lease/Lease Purchase, Makino retains a security interest in the equipment, while you have ownership and receive the depreciation benefits. Lease purchases can be designed with end-of-term options or with guaranteed sales prices.


How You Benefit

This asset is purchased by your company. You keep the benefits of depreciation on the equipment.

Conserve your cash
Makino may finance up to 100 percent of the purchase price of your equipment, including sales tax.

Preserve your credit line
When you lease equipment through Makino, your credit line remains available for other needs.

Match payment to revenues
We can structure a payment schedule that lets you pay for equipment with the revenue it generates.

Arrange flexible terms
We'll adapt our terms, including the purchase option, to fit your requirements and the estimated value of the equipment at the end of the lease.

Variable rate
In addition to fixed rates, we offer a variable interest rate with simple interest compounding, similar to a traditional bank line of credit.

Pay competitive prices
Our prices are competitive with those of finance and leasing companies across the country.

Get the equipment of your choice
You can lease virtually any type of equipment through Makino.

Flexible lease-end options
In lease purchase/option, at the end of the term, you may:

1. Return the equipment to Makino, or
2. Purchase the equipment at a predetermined percentage of the original cost, or
3. Continue leasing the equipment at a predetermined percentage of the original cost.

In the lease purchase/sale, at the end of the term, you agree to:

1. Purchase the equipment for a predetermined amount, or
2. Purchase the equipment for $1.00.


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