Makino offers a note and security agreement through which it finances the purchase of business equipment. In most cases, the equipment itself is all the collateral needed. With loan financing, you own the equipment and receive the tax benefits of depreciation and interest deduction. We offer a flexible, competitively priced product backed by superior service and rapid turnaround.


How You Benefit

Conserve your cash
Makino may finance up to 100 percent of the purchase price of your equipment, including sales tax.

Match payment to revenues
We can work out a schedule that lets you pay for equipment with the revenue it generates.

Benefit from expert advice and assistance
Our professionals are skilled and experienced in transaction analysis. They work actively with you to design a transaction that helps you obtain the equipment you need.

Pay competitive prices
Our rates are competitive with those of lenders across the country.

Receive local, responsive service
We will service your request through the Makino headquarters.

Choose fixed or variable rate payments
You can choose to fix your interest rate for the term of the loan or float your rate with an index such as commercial paper.

Balloon payment option available
For many types of equipment, low payments can be structured based on balloon payments due at the end of the loan term.


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