Tax Lease

Makino Inc. offers a lease in which the Lessor retains the depreciation on equipment it purchases—and you get the benefit of lower lease payments. With a tax lease, Makino maintains ownership of the equipment you select and leases it to you, typically, for a period of three to seven years.

How You Benefit

Conserve your cash
Makino may finance up to 100 percent of the purchase price of your equipment, including sales tax.

Prevent obsolescence
Leasing provides a hedge against equipment obsolescence and inflation. By transferring these risks to Makino, you will enhance your flexibility to manage technological change and economic uncertainty.

Preserve your credit line
When you lease equipment through Makino, your credit line remains available for other needs.

Match payment to revenues or cash flow
We can structure a payment schedule that lets you pay for equipment with the revenue it generates or that matches the seasonality or timing of your cash flows.

Enjoy the certainty of fixed payments
Fixed lease payments are not affected by fluctuating interest rates.

Maximize tax benefits
If you are unable to currently use all the tax benefits of ownership, utilizing Makino's lease products may result in substantial cash savings to you.

Pay competitive prices
Our prices are competitive with those of financing and leasing companies across the country.

Benefit from off-balance sheet financing
Most true leases can be designed as operating leases under the FASB's lease accounting standard FAS13. This often enables you to substantially improve your ROA, avoid leverage restrictions and potentially improve reported earnings.

Avoid capital budgeting constraints
When divisional or corporate capital budget limits are imposed, the use of a lease often allows companies to obtain needed equipment without the challenges of seeking a capital budget "exception." Leases can be structured to remain part of an operating budget and be treated as a periodic expense.

Flexible lease-end options
At the end of the lease term, you can:

  1. Buy the equipment at the predetermined price or fair market value, not exceeding the CAP amount, or
  2. Continue to lease the equipment at the current fair market rental, or
  3. Return the equipment to Makino.


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